• Withdrawal rules
– In the event that customers have already transferred funds and cannot withdraw money without playing items Will have to wait one instance from the date added
– Kingbet99 members are able to withdraw withdrawals. Must have 3 times the winnings amount deposited.
For example: Deposit 1000 baht, plus a 20% bonus equal to 1200 baht (1000 + 200) x3 = 3600 baht, therefore can withdraw.
• In the event that Kingbet99 members wish to withdraw without accepting the bonus, the following must be played:
– Baccarat must have a playlist (Turnover x 5)
– Slots must have a playlist (Turnover x 3)
– Sports must have a playlist (Turnover x 3)
Bets for which bets are counted must be tied, win / lose only, canceled / invalid, or bets with odds of less than 1.50 (Decimal).
(Malay odds 0.50, HK odds 0.50, Indo odds -2.00) and bets on both sides in the same game will not count. Football only And games other than balls do not count in these rules.
– Kingbet99 reserves the right to change conditions Without prior notice
– If the inspection team finds that Members are playing to benefit from the bonus. The team reserves the right to return any amount at all.